A Clojure library for generation and utilization of UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) as described by RFC-4122. This library extends the standard Java UUID class to provide true v1 (time based) and v3/v5 (namespace based) identifier generation. Additionally, a number of useful supporting utilities are provided to support serialization and manipulation of these UUIDs in a simple, efficient manner. The essential nature of the value RFC4122 UUIDs provide is that of an enormous namespace and a deterministic mathematical model by means of which one navigates it. UUIDs represent an extremely powerful and versatile computation technique that is often overlooked, and underutilized. In my opinion, this, in part, is due to the generally poor quality, performance, and capability of available libraries and, in part, due to a general misunderstanding in the popular consiousness of their proper use and benefit. It is my hope that this library will serve to expand awareness, make available, and simplify use of RFC4122 identifiers to a wider audience.


[drtom/clj-uuid "0.0.8"]

Clojure CLI/deps.edn

drtom/clj-uuid {:mvn/version "0.0.8"}